Concrete Grinder Rentals

Concrete Grinding and Polishing Equipment for Rent in Orange County

We provide Concrete Grinder Rentals in Orange County and all of southern California. CreteShine Diamond is your number-one source for concrete prep and polishing equipment including concrete grinders and polishers, floor buffers, auto scrubbers, concrete floor prep, and demo equipment, hand tools for small jobs, and ride-on equipment for larger jobs. We also have vacuums and generators as well as hippo mixers and trowel equipment, shavers, shot blasters, dust collectors, and more We have all the concrete rental equipment you will need for any job large or small. We also have a large supply of consumables as well as dye, densifiers, epoxies, guards, and sealers for your job. Call now to reserve your equipment for your next concrete prep or polishing project.

Concrete Grinder/Polisher

CPS 32” Propane Planetary Grinder/Polisher.

31HP, 998LB Heavy Duty geared down for maximum torque.

The ideal grinder for epoxy prep and polishing projects, no need to rent a generator with the propane-powered grinders. This unit can grind approximately 8000 sq ft per day.

$550 day

$2200 week

Concrete Grinder

Terrco 3100 480 3 ph Rotary Grinder

Ideal for floor demo and heavy grinding applications.

This 1400 lb grinder is surprisingly easy to operate as the heads are opposite rotating so the operator does not fight the machine. There are no belts on this grinder, it’s gear to gear, very robust removal and floor grinding.

$650 day

$2600 week

Concrete Grinder

Prepmaster 3030

This Rotary Grinder is ideal for floor demo and heavy grinding applications. This 30” and 30HP grinder is 240 3 ph.

The 3030 is a 1400 lb grinder that is surprisingly easy to operate as the heads are opposite rotating so the operator does not fight the machine. There are no belts on this grinder, it is gear to gear, very robust removal and floor grinding.

$650 day

$2600 week

Concrete Grinder/Polisher

Lavina 25

A fantastic 220 1 phase 25” Grinder/polisher.

This grinder weighs 700 lbs and can be run off the dryer outlet in most homes.

$400 day

$1600 week

Concrete Grinder

NewGrind RM350

220 1 Ph Grinder is perfect for smaller grinding projects, small yet powerful

NewGrind Mini gets 1/8” away from walls minimizing the hand grinding needed.

$350 Day

$1400 Week

Concrete Dust Collector

Diamatic 3140 Dust Collector 220 3 Phase

Vac Pre-Sep included in the rental

Ideal for 32” Grinder

$250 day

$1,000 per week

Concrete Dust Vacuum

Husqvarna DE120 Vac 280 CFM

Ideal for hand grinders and smaller walk behind grinders

$75 Day

$300 Week

Concrete Dust Vacuum

3 Motor Forte F36 Vac

285 CFM, ideal for smaller walk-behind grinders

$75 Day

$285 Week

Slurry Vacuum

Walk-Behind Slurry Vac

$100 Day

$400 Week

Hippo Mixer

The Hippo Mixer can mix 5 bags of underlayment or overlayment at a time

$100 Day

$400 Week

Ride On Concrete Polisher

Bartell BXR830 Power Trowel Ride-on Polisher.

With a reduced width of only 30 inches, the BXR830 fits through a standard doorway, and into the bed of most pick-up trucks.

This unit will polish up to 5k sq ft per hour, wet system only.

$650 Day

$2600 Week

Ride On Shot Blaster

BP-10-27 Ride On Shot Blaster

The BP-10-27 ride-on self-contained shot blasting system is the perfect solution for medium-to-large jobs and eliminates the need of a generator or electric power. The BP-10-27 and its rounded housing allows for superior performance and offers the new innovative Hammer Head reversible dovetail blade system incorporated into the paddle wheel design. The BP-10-27 features a compact design that allows it to pass through a 36” doorway and has an onboard pulse-style dust collector. The BP-10-27 rider is the ideal system for mid-range and larger jobs such as, airport runways, warehouse floors, parking decks, highways, and bridge decks. Will Blast 1500 sq ft per hour

$750 Day

$3000 week

Concrete Shaver

Husqvarna BMC 335 Shaver BMC 335

This concrete shaver is a heavy duty electric shaver. It is the answer to the toughest sawing needs. Its increased weight allows it to generate more efficient sawing action. It is equipped with a 15 kW sawing motor and an electrical drive system which saves the operator from having permanent contact with the handle. Other features include ergonomic operations, easily adjustable speed and tracking and an ability to turn 360 degrees. In addition, the drum housing, which is surrounding by dust seals, is mounted in the frame by torque bushes, giving lower vibration levels. We offer a full range of drums and blades, which provides the opportunity to process any floor and specific application.

$650 Day

$2600 Week

Portable Shot Blaster

Husqvarna 1-8DM

This unit is a portable, lightweight shot blasting system that runs on single phase common power and is perfect for smaller jobs such as residential garage floors, pool decks and small industrial floors. The machine is pushed forward with manual travel speed and has an 8.75 inch blast pattern making it capable of reaching corners and small spaces. 110 Power

$300 Day

$1200 Week

Portable Generator

Mi-T-M Portable Generator 14kw

Powerful enough to run a small walk-behind grinder, vac and hand grinder

$80 Day

$320 week

Joint Cleanout Saw

Walk Behind Concrete Joint Cleanout Saw

$25 Day

$100 Week

Propane Burnisher

27” Propane Burnisher – burner/grinder

$100 Day

$400 Week